Pathway of Discipleship

Learn more about taking next steps to grow, love, and serve.

We’re grateful you’re seeking more information about the Pathway of Discipleship here at Mt. Juliet! If you’re looking to take a step on the pathway, you can find some practical ways below. If you haven’t yet learned about the pathway yet, check out the download link below or visit our Involvement Center. 

If you are looking for any assistance, reach out to our Discipleship Minister, Bryan LeMasters and he’d be glad to help you in any way he can.

We exist to glorify God and make disciples by helping people grow in Christ, love one another, and serve others.

Grow in Christ

  •   Engage with God's Word daily
  • Pick up a copy of Stories of Faith from our Welcome Center or download an online copy.
  • Visit our on-campus library or view some of our online lessons.
  • Spend time in prayer daily
  • Engage with a copy of 40 Days in Prayer from our Welcome Center or download an online copy.
  • Each week, we have several in our church family who are in need of prayer–you can find those at
  • Gather with Christians to worship on Sunday morning and evening
  • Join us for morning worship at 8 am or 10:15 am or for evening worship at 5 pm.
  • Participate in a Sunday morning Bible class
  • We have so many excellent classes every Sunday. Check out the list!
  • Study with Christians in our Wednesday Bible classes
  • Check out the list for our mid-week study opportunities too!

Love One Another

  • Connect with at least seven godly friends
  • The best thing in common with other Christians is that they're on a similar journey! Classes, ministries, fellowship events, and service opportunities give great opportunities to make eternal friendships.
  • Seek the influence of a godly mentor
  • More than just a friend, we need other Christians to help intentionally steer us toward Jesus along the way. Bible classes, shepherds, MJ Women/Men ministries and events provide great opportunities to seek these relationships.
  • Have a weekly awareness of those hurting in our church family and minister to them
  • We have several in our church family weekly who are in need of care–you can find those at Send a card, make a phone call, or make a visit to let them know they're loved.
  • Invest in the spiritual growth of another disciple
  • Hopefully, you have a mentor, but who are you mentoring? Look out for new Christians, struggling brothers or sisters, or just someone who needs help in their growth.
  • Share in the fellowship of a class or ministry
  • Get engaged in one of our classes and find a way to plug into a ministry to serve alongside others (Ministry Catalog launching April 30th).

Serve Others

  • Intentionally be leading someone to Jesus
  • If you're needing some help, here check out our Soul Focus Sunday online lessons. We'd also love to share a copy of Philip Jenkin's book, Take Route, to help you teach others about Jesus.
  • Consistently be involved in the work of the church
  • God's church needs your help to serve others! We're launching a Ministry Catalog April 30th to sign up for new ministries. There's always opportunities to serve!
  • Give sacrificially
  • You can give online by clicking the gold windows in the bottom right and also be on the lookout for special needs we have throughout the year such as disaster relief and other special giving opportunities.
  • Actively love those in your community
  • Volunteer in one of our several outreach ministries: Sew in Love, food pantry, Ted E. Bears, or Mt. Juliet Elementary.

Need some help making a step? Contact Bryan LeMasters: