Bible Class

Bible class is a vital part of MJ. Join us as we study God's Word together! SUN 9:15 am//WED 7 pm


Outside the Box: Jesus’ Encounters With The Unwanted and Unusual


Expecting The Unexpected: Women's Surprising Interactions With Jesus


Stranger in a Strange Land: Daniel

Adult Wednesday Classes | 7 PM

Faith Hall of Fame

  • A study of those mentioned in Hebrews 11 who were prime examples of what a powerful faith can mean in our relationship with God despite being just as flawed as these OT "heroes of the faith." Among others, we would look at Gideon, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Samson, David, Samuel, Jacob, and Joseph.
  • Location: Auditorium & MJ Live
  • Teacher: Ben Dennis

The Lord is My Salvation: A Study of the Book of Joshua

  • This study is designed to familiarize you with the story of the entrance of the Israelite people into Canaan while learning about the behavior and character of their leader, Joshua. Uncover God's fulfillment of promises to Abraham and lessons on obedience and faith. Join us in discovering the broader narrative of God's faithfulness and the covenant with His people.
  • Location: 201
  • Teacher: Blaine McKinney, Lance Williams, & Kim Yap

God Revealed in the Book of Romans

  • This class will explore Paul's teachings on faith, grace, salvation, and the righteous judgment of God. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of these critical topics and their impact on your faith and life as we study and discuss a chapter a week. 
  • Location: 203
  • Teachers: Matt Cauthen & Bryan LeMasters

Bible 201

  • This class is for anyone who wants to develop or improve their Bible study skills. We will discuss Bible translations, how to use various study resources, interpreting Scripture in its original context, and approaches to understanding the different literary genres of the Bible. An outline of the class content can be seen here.
  • Location: 204
  • Teacher: Tim Martin


Sisters Supporting Sisters

  • The Seven I AM Statements in John's Gospel
  • In John's Gospel, Jesus made seven bold declarations to erase any doubt about who he is. Jesus provides our daily sustenance and direction. He is our protector and strength and provides us salvation and access to God. Our study of the seven I AM statements of Jesus will increase our confidence of His power and love for us.
  • Location: 211
  • Teachers: Lynn Dearing, Stephanie Gastley, Karri Tucker, & Dayna Suttles

The Well

  • Twelve Extraordinary Women
  • A study of women in the Bible and how God works through faithful followers, despite their flaws and mistakes, to accomplish His purpose. We will discuss the timeless struggles we all have while always looking to an eternally faithful and extraordinary God who can do great things with the ordinary when we submit to Him.
  • Location: L11
  • Teachers: Kristy Coleman, Briana Evans, Allyson LeMasters, & Travena Rogan


Lead Like the Lord

  • The greatest leader to ever live is Jesus. His leadership not only changed the lives of the apostles who apprenticed with him for 3 years, but his leadership changed the world. His leadership lessons can not only transform us today but can transform the world we live in. This class will look at the leadership of Jesus.
  • Location: 110
  • Teachers: Various

Adult Sunday Classes | 9:15 AM

YAC (Young Adults & College–HS grads to mid 20s)

  • Location: 201

SALT (upper 20s & 30s)

  • Location: L12


  • Location: 204

FAITH BUILDERS (upper 30s & 40s)

  • Location: 211


  • Location: L11

CORNERSTONE (50s & 60s)

  • Location: L10


  • Location: 210

PRIME TIMERS (60s & up)

  • Location: 110

AUDITORIUM Class (all adults)

MANIFOLD (all adults)

  • Location: 203

MELTING POT (all adults)

  • Location: 202

LADIES’ CLASS (all ladies)

  • Location: Upper Fellowship Hall

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