Up Groups FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Up Groups?

A: Simply, it is a mentorship program for our teens. View the video above to learn more from deacon, Mike Dominski.

Q: What happens if I can’t finish out the session I commit to? 

A: Ideally we will have more mentors than teen groups so that I can ask a few mentors to be backups if needed. Yes things happen in life but I am hoping we have few mentors that need to drop the program once they start it. If I do not have any back-ups the teens would not be apart of the program and hopefully will get to do this the next session.


Q: How does this program look if spouses want to do this together?

A: Because we only pair the same genders together, the wife would have 3 teens and the husband would have 3 teens. If this is too many teens (6 total teens) at your house then let me know but the way we will design the guidebook is with the intention for gender-specific discussions. Meaning, in our minds, an all-female group (1 mentor 3 teens) would be talking about the lesson as opposed to a mixed group (Husband/wife and then 6 teens of 3 girls and 3 boys). I am open to suggestions on how best to do this but at this point, if spouses want to do this together I am assuming you are willing to have a total of 6 teens or 3 each. Please, please let me know your thoughts on this for those that signed up as a couple. 


Q: What is your vision about events? 

A: Simply quantity time together. In your life as an adult, how can I embed these teens into your schedule so that you can spend quantity time together? Once they are with you, I aim to provide you a guide to lead discussions to encourage quality time that will help you disciple these teens to Christ. So an event could be a dinner at your house, spending time with you and your kids in planned activities like a simple game night at your house, or working in your garage on something. The overall principle is to fit these teens into your schedule the best we can. 

Watch this video about events if you want to learn more.


Q: What planned events are you thinking about?

A: Here is the below list of ideas. I would truly appreciate your help and suggestions for what else to do. I also pray for someone in the church who likes to coordinate events and could use their ability for this ministry.  

  • Opryland scavenger hunt
  • Ropes course near Nashville Shores
  • Sounds game
  • Arcade place in Smyrna with the pin ball machines
  • Bowling
  • Altitude
  • Rock wall
  • Movie / Game night at the church or youth chapel.
  • Greenway walk or something similar outdoors assuming the weather is nice. 
  • Belle Meade Plantation / Cheekwood /etc type location? 
  • Top Golf
  • Crochet/knitting lessons – something as a group event where someone leads or instructs
  • Gun safety course with an instructor. 
  • Everyone has a phone…what multi-player games or other electronic games could be leveraged? 
  • Read Calvin and Hobbes and find your favorite one? Something like that…pick something that the teens might not have seen before and do a mini book club where you read for a bit then bring back your favorite to share or something to discuss. Might not work but something to consider. 
  • Volunteer at Agape? Second Harvest? Volunteer activity event. 
  • Taste Testing – Introduce a specific set of foods to try something new like different coffee’s, fruit, candy, etc. Use the church as a location. 
  • Malls like Opry Mills, Greenhill, etc. 
  • Lake events such as at Cedar Creek Campground – some families have jet skis. 
  • Specialty restaurants like Patti’s in Land between the Lakes, Chocolate covered strawberry café, or TB Sutton General Store. 


Q: Many of the above events will cost money. Are mentors expected to carry the cost of all these?

A: I have a budget for these next year. My hope is to minimize all mentor expenses and set up a reimbursement expectation for planned events. Outside of events, we plan for the program, you would cover that expense outside of the planned events.  


Q: As a mentor, I don’t want to rock wall climb…does that mean I just don’t go to an event I may not be physically interested in participating in? 

A: As long as the teens want to do it the mentors are not pressured to actually do the event like golf, bowling, rock wall climbing, etc. As long as the mentor is there to watch and encourage the teens as they participate, the teens would still make that connection with you. So no issues on if there is a concern about if you are unable to do some of these events physically. 


Q: How will transportation work for events?

A: Each event will be unique for coordination but know that several of us can drive the church buses so we can help transport larger groups at one time.